The Best Free Apps on the Internet (2023)

It’s been a couple of years since we did a Free App review and there are so many good apps available, we figured it was time to revisit this.
These are all free programs that I use, however its important that you have an up to date antivirus and malware program whenever you download and install a free application. Also, when you download free programs, be careful. Sometimes these publishers add some stuff that you may not want to download. Also be careful, with some free apps, there are ads on the page and if you are not paying attention you’ll click on something other than what you really wanted to click on.

  • Audacity – Robust Sound recording and editing tool:
  • MMIScan – Online tool that allows for dynamic QR codes:
  • Scribus – Full function Desktop Publishing Program:
  • Inkscape – Vector Drawing Tool:
  • LibreOffice – Think Microsoft Office, except free and with better tools:
  • DollarBooks4U – Free eBooks on a variety of subjects:
  • Notepad++ – Notepad on steroids:
  • Shotcut – Full and powerful audio and video editing:
  • Cakewalk – Powerful Recording, mixing, mastering and editing tools:
  • GIMP: Photoshop-style phot manipulation app:

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