Do you need a sounding board? Do you need marketing and advertising help? Do you need assistance with developing keywords for your website? A brainstorming session? Need advice regarding Blog, Business, Website and Social Media Integration? Have an employee that could be more productive, need a way to retain clients, get new ones?

Our business consultant program contains the following steps:

We will begin with a discussion to assess your business goals and we will apply our fresh and innovative ideas to create ways to achieve these. This stage allows you to obtain a level of honesty that is often impossible to get from traditional employees.

Once the goal or goals are agreed upon, we will work with you to define a set of implementation paths.

This is the heart of the program and depending on your needs can take on many forms with our acting as a speaker, writer, trainer and even employee and client liason. We can provide whatever roles are necessary to execute the strategy.

Our motto is to “inspect what you expect” This gives us the opportunity to determine the success of what we have put into place and either modify, continue or celebrate the success of the goals set into place.

At this point, we can discuss the next steps…whether we have completed our project, move on to the next goal, or develop a more permanent relationship.

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