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Here is a list of our current projects

Nationwide Barcode (680 Digital/dba Nationwide Barcode) is a site that sells UPC and EAN barcodes for people who want to get their products in stores and online webtailers.
Due to a class-action suit levied against the GS1, The prefixes and the UPCs from those prefixes are part of a grandfathered program allowing us to legally and affordably sell barcodes for wholesale, retail and online product requirements. Late in 2008, Nationwide Barcode was formed going live early in 2009.

Buy Minority Owned (Media Media Inc.) The purpose of this site is to introduce Minority-Owned Businesses. Our platform showcases amazing and innovative entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking for vegan makeup or want to buy art from Indigenous artists, the Buy Minority Owned Directory can help you explore and support these communities! (Media Media Inc.) is a site where you can generate UPC, EAN, ISBN, GTIN-14, and QR barcode graphics

Barcode Create

Whoever said that Southern Arizona was nothing but desert, must never have experienced the grandeur of the giant Saguaro, or the steep, whimsical winding streets of Historic Bisbee. Mountain top views and wildlife sightings in Coronado National Forest await the avid nature seeker while rounds of Golf, beautiful works of local art, and mouthwatering Sonoran specialties are calling from Tubac, Douglas, Nogales, and beyond! Whether you want to experience vibrant, cultural nightlife in Downtown Tucson or witness the excitement of a Wild West Shootout in Tombstone, SoAZ Happens is your “one-click site” to make the adventure one that you’ll remember for a lifetime!

Soaz Happens

Website directory with previews of Public Domain Videos and Golden Age of Radio audio.

Independent Music and Arts Insider is a resource center and knowledge bank for Independent Musicians and other artists.


MMiScan allows you to update your destination URL at any time. You can print the QR Code on your brochures, business cards, websites, packaging materials, and, if your promotion or marketing needs change, you simply come to, log into your account and change the URL. Now, you have a fresh destination for your customers or prospects to visit.

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